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What has the Tour Meant to Us?

Beach towns tend to have a free spirit about them. Here in Santa Cruz we have met some incredible people who are courageous and willing to go the extra mile. From the woman who sold everything she had to live in a barn and start an international nonprofit to the man who walked across the country in support of a cause he believed in, these people are fearless and free in pursing their dreams.

It’s wild to think that this is our last tour stop. I honestly can’t believe it. It has flown by and been filled with joys, tears, long car rides, hotel breakfasts, incredible strangers and an abundance of memories.

So what has the tour meant to us?

“For me, the tour means celebration. It means empowering and encouraging strangers. It means sharing an authentic joy and making someone’s day just a little bit brighter.” – Marina

“For me, the tour means a broadened perspective on humanity. I think it’s really special that people take the time and effort to come tell their unique stories.” – Nathan

“For me, the tour means courage. I’m honored that I get to listen to people share what are, many times, very vulnerable parts of themselves. I think it takes a lot of courage to open up but it’s also powerful for the ones who get to hear and learn from those stories.”

- Jess

“For me, the tour means friendships and America. I love getting to meet the people I’m touring with, get to know them and the friendships that develop. I also love hearing the stories of people across America that are inspirational and give me hope.”

- Gary

Well, that’s a wrap everyone! It’s clear that this country is filled with wildly ambitious big dreamers and deeply good human beings.

Thanks to everyone who poured countless hours into this amazing project possible. I am deeply grateful!

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