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One HUGE Thank You

As I sit on my porch in sweet Cumming, Georgia, with the creek trickling in the background and trees filled with sunshine, I'm reflecting on this summer.

What a whirlwind.

What a crazy adventure.

What a deeply grateful heart.

So here goes my thank you note....

Jess, thank you for being so much more than a coworker. Thanks for being a sister, counselor, friend, mentor and secret keeper. Sharing a room with you for majority of the past three months was a joy. I’ll miss waking up and hearing about your crazy dreams and eating avocados in bed on a regular basis.

Nathan, thank you for the endless supply of sour candy gummies. Thanks for being the big brother who taught me how to pitch my hammock and never failed to order pizza late at night even if you were asleep by the time they finally came to deliver. Also, you are beyond talented. Your videos have given me goosebumps, made me cry and filled me with deep humility knowing that we get to be a small piece in someone’s story.

Gary, thank you for the laughs. Thanks for letting me ride shotgun and put my feet on the dash. Thanks for educating me on a variety of things including taxes, car parts, 80’s bands and cargo pants. Thanks for making sure I didn’t flip over in my hammock and making fun of me when I told you I was scared of the dark. Most of all thank you for always keeping me safe whether in a hotel, campsite, or on the road…because honestly, who knows when the apocalypse will happen.

Todd, Brittany and Meg, thank you for taking a leap of faith and trusting me with this job. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and every person we have met along the way. My perspective is broadened and my heart has been stretched because of this tour and I can’t thank you each enough for your support along the way.

Hannah, Ans, ALG and Team Thoms (Andy and Brittany), you guys have been unreal. Thank you for accepting me as an intern at the beginnig of my senior year of college. Thank you for pouring into me, teaching me, being patient and expecting excellence. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for SSG. Your encouragement along the way means the absolute world. Thank you!

Mom and Dad, you guys are my champions, heroes and greatest cheerleaders. Thank you for encouraging me to take the jump and pursue a dream. Thanks for showing up in Chattanooga dressed as creepy intruders with a vase filled with flowers! You guys are the best and I’m blessed beyond belief to be your daughter.

What a JOY this wild ride has been!

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