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The Last Drive

Well, here we are…cruising down the highway from Napa Valley to Santa Cruz. This is my last time in Gary’s Chevy Silverado 2500 HD crew cab long bed. (Yes he taught us exactly what this truck is called!)

This is my last time sitting shotgun, feet on the dash, chatting through who will win the presidential election, which city has the worst traffic and what we should do if the apocalypse happens.

These are the little moments I’ll miss.

So what does it feel like? Honestly…it feels weird.

As the car ride began I asked Gary, “Can you believe we’ve driven around the whole country?

Without missing a beat he said, “Yup. Excluding Florida we’ve hit all the corners."

I paused for a minute and took it all in. We started in San Francisco, south to Southern California, east to Savannah, GA, North to Portland ME, and back West to Seattle, WA.

And here comes our last tour stop: Santa Cruz, CA.

I’m writing this as we drive still trying to process what the last three months have meant to me. These are the first three months of my first job after college. The first three months of my professional career. The first three months “in the real world”…whatever that really means!

And they have been three of my favorite months. What a gift! What a blessing. I am sitting in awe, in humility and in constant praise for this opportunity.

For now, I will remain deeply grateful, forever changed, and try to make this last tour stop, our very best one!

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