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Be a Dreamer

I remember being a freshman in college and writing a bucket list. It was filled with all of the wild, fabulous, ridiculous things 19-year-old Marina wanted to do. From traveling to Antarctica to teaching my kids how to salsa dance, my imagination was splattered onto the page.

Wine tasting in Napa Valley happened to be on that list and last night, I checked it off!

We arrived to the Porter Family Vineyard and entered the front where delicious wine in beautiful glasses was waiting next to fresh picked strawberries. Um, is this real?

We toured the caves and learned about the wine making process. Wines and cheeses and chocolate truffles filled my sunny afternoon. It was elegant and classy to say the least.

As I gazed out over the hills, the countryside filled with rows of vines and juicy grapes, I thought back to sitting in my college dorm room at UGA and those first few weeks making a list of dreams.

Sitting in Napa Valley I thought, I can’t believe I’m finally doing this.

I took a step back and reminded myself that sometimes dreams do become reality.

I’ve always been a dreamer and I hope to always be one.

There’s something beautiful about being young and naïve enough to think you can do anything…that childlike spirit that finds joy in the unknown and curiosity around every corner.

I pray I never loose that spirit.

As I sat down and sipped a glass of wine, I told myself to never stop dreaming.

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