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Pike Place Market is a place filled with fresh cut flowers, overly juicy fruits, tasty chocolate truffles, local paintings, seafood caught this morning, free wine tasting and crowds and crowds of people roaming through the streets. This place is magically chaotic. The energy is as vibrant as the fruits and flowers and I loved every minute of it.

I then treated myself to seafood chowder and a glass of wine at a nice restaurant right on the water. Once again, Marina Party of 1, had a fabulous time sitting near a big open window, reflecting, journaling and taking her sweet time for dinner.

Aside from exploring the Space Needle, wandering through neat antique shops and stumbling upon a huge Hispanic fair that was blaring salsa music (this is ALWAYS a good thing), I met some pretty cool locals.

But there was one that really hit me. Julie entered the trailer, sat down and began. She shared about her son who has severe autism. Her moment came when he was 14 years old and ordered food at a restaurant on his own for the first time. She began to tear up sharing how proud she was of him. Her joy for him was unmatched.

I was stopped in my tracks and began to tear up as well.

I was reminded never to take a single thing for granted and to always be patient with people because you never know their personal situation.

Most importantly, I sat there silently, and just really missed my mom. She is fearless and courageous. Just like this woman, she cheers for my brother and I through thick and thin. Through our greatest and smallest accomplishments, she is our forever encourager. Her joy lights people up. She is known for constant laughter, seeking goodness, seeing the beauty in the smallest things and having the ability to shower unconditional love no matter the circumstances.

Mama, I’m gonna stop writing before I start bawling and cover my keyboard in tears, but just know that I am deeply grateful for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering me on and know that this wild heart of mine misses you a whole lot.

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