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Sioux Falls, You Impress

Addictions are real. They come in all shapes, sizes and forms. They are in the lives of young and old, the rich and the poor, both men and women.

Those who overcome them are champions.

Today as I sat outside under the tent ready to greet anyone who approached, a crew of biker dudes pulled up. I was slightly caught off guard by their rugged looks, leather vests and cut up gloves but intrigued knowing that at least one of them was bound to have a cool story.

They approached curious about our trailer and as I explained the campaign Don piped up saying, “I have an aha moment. Yesterday was my 30th birthday of sobriety.”


Turns out he and his buddies were riding across America coast to coast to celebrate this champion of a man who has given up drugs and alcohol for the past 30 years.

“I went from being homeless to being a major real estate investor. I once couldn’t afford to buy myself a can of beer and now I’m purchasing land. I owe it all to sobriety.”

Once again, WOW.

Sioux Falls sure did impress. Other than Don, we also met a newlywed couple who walked across the country, best friends who opened the first brewery in town and a woman who started her own fashion line out of her basement so she could also be a stay-at-home mom.

The city itself is just as fabulous as it’s locals. We enjoyed an amazing concert by The Lone Bellow and Dawes, enjoyed chislic- a delicious meat appetizer and local food staple, and explored the beautiful falls this city has been named after.

South Dakota, I really didn't have many expectations, but I leave here impressed and eager to return!

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