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Celebrate Milbank, SD!


You have just won the official award for number one radio station in Milbank, South Dakota!!! – keep in mind, there is only ONE radio station in town.

…This is how my morning started. Busting into a radio station during a live segment, wearing a sombrero and tossing confetti in the air. Why you may ask? Simple.

We heard about some pretty neat changes happening in town. Milbank, South Dakota used to be a town very few were proud of but in the past year the locals decided to rally. They chose to stare their faults in the face and courageously make a change. There are now new businesses, more young people and women who have been elected in leadership.

We decided this town was worthy of celebration!

We showed up at the local coffee shop and met 4 women who have been having coffee every Tuesday morning for the past 6 years. Right on the spot, they won the award for inspiring friendship.

We interrupted the economic development board meeting and gave them an award for believing in possibilities.

We met a woman who is a mother of 7, grandmother of 23 and great grandmother to 52. We surprised her with balloons, stickers, pins and a TROPHY. Clearly she’s the best great grandmother in town.

Today was a day dedicated to one of my favorite things…Celebrating!

We showed honor and appreciation to locals in this 3,300 person town in South Dakota. It was a day overflowing with laughter. A day of surprises, confetti, party hats, beads, balloons and a whole lot of people completely shocked!

It made me stop and think. When was the last time I really took a look at some of my faults, struggles and weaknesses? When was the last time I had the guts to look those not-so-perfect characteristics right in the face and choose to do something about them? If this little town can rally for positive change, can’t we all?

Check out our video:

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