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Cheese Stuffed Burgers...enough said.

I decided to change it up a little and instead of a regular post, I decided to write a list of the top 5 reasons I love St. Paul. So, here it goes!

$10 All You Can Bowl Nights on Tuesdays

The Nook was recommended to us on multiple occasions, so on our last night in St. Paul, we decided to stop in. Of course we HAD to order their famous Juicy Nookie: a yummy burger stuffed with cheese. Seriously, brilliant. Then we discovered all night bowling...plenty of competition and tons of laughter followed.

1 Million Birthdays Celebrated

Cheerful Givers is an organization that gives birthday presents to underprivileged children. From the 6-year-old who didn’t realize he had a birthday because it had never been celebrated, to the millionth birthday gift they gave out, these people inspire through the joy of a simple birthday bag.

Mall of America

We love it simply because it is THE Mall of America. It has indoor rollercoasters and we even went to the movies to watch Inside Out, which made me laugh and cry. If you haven't seen this precious movie, I highly recommend it :)

Fresh Perspectives

A mom whose daughter has special needs was frustrated when doctor after doctor couldn’t diagnose her child. She had millions of questions and very few answers. Finally her perspective changed and she said, “Instead of focusing on disabilities, we simply chose to focus on abilities.” Simple yet so profound. What if we all had that mindset?

Active Summer Time

Maybe its because their winters are brutal and this July weather is stunning, but the people of St. Paul are active. People are jogging with dogs, pushing strollers and picnicking on the lawn. When the sun is shinning, St. Paul is out enjoying and I love being a part of it!

Thanks for making me fall in love with your city, St. Paul!

PS. Seriously, go see this movie :)

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