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A Special Birthday

…And then he discovered he had a birthday.

At age 6, a little boy had been living in a shelter with his mom and had never had his birthday celebrated. His family simply couldn’t afford anything, so they never celebrated. Naturally, he assumed that some people have birthdays and others don’t.

He just happened to be one of the people that didn’t have a birthday.

But then something magical happened. A sweet woman from Cheerful Givers, an organization that provides birthday gifts to children who are less fortunate, brought him a birthday gift. He was confused at first, but then came to the realization that he DID in fact have a birthday!

In sweet 6 years of life, this was the first time his birth was celebrated.

Can you imagine the JOY?

After telling that story to a friend of mine, he said this: “It’s like when you find out Santa isn’t real but totally the opposite. This kid thought he didn’t have a birthday and then discovered that his own birthday was in fact a real thing!”

What simple things I take for granted and beautiful joys I was reminded of through this sweet child’s discovery of his own birthday.


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