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Sweet 4th of July!

Sweet 4th of July!

Our adventure began at a Walmart…buying chips, salsa, hotdogs and all things needed for s’mores. In the process of our shopping we stumbled upon tacky America t-shirts. Obviously we bought matching ones for our whole crew, because why not?!

We drove about 10 miles down a dirt/gravel road into the middle of Black River State Park in no where Wisconsin. We had no cell service and the beautiful thing was, it didn’t matter.

We ate way too many smores and giggled the night away enjoying the simplicity of sitting around a campfire with sweet friends. It was another night of falling asleep in my hammock under the stars and man, that just never gets old.

Thank you, Lord, for this sweet country I have called mine for 23 years. Thank you for diverse peoples and the many stunning hearts that make up this melting pot. Thank you for vast opportunities. Thank you for striking beauty in the tiniest of towns and largest of cities.

Thank you for blessings that are always immeasurably more and a country that stirs such pride in my heart.

Cheers yall!

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