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Cheese Curds and Bike Rides

A short walk around town and some delicious deep fried cheese curds was all I needed to be hooked on Madison.

I’ve never been to Wisconsin, but for those of you who know me well, you’ll know that cheese is my weakness. It’s fabulously delicious, comes in a million varieties and can be eaten with just about anything....I could go on and on, but I'll stop right there.

Anyway, Madison was wonderful! The bike ride to downtown Madison as the path curves around the beautiful lake with the capitol building always in sight was a highlight of my day….5 days in a row!

This is a town filled with little joys. From funky shops to delicious food to beautiful sights and even more interesting people, Madison has it all.

I met Mary, a woman who is raising awareness for breast cancer by swimming across various lakes. She recently swam 4.5 miles…something I don’t think I could do without drowning. Proud of you, Mary!

Amy shared about the joyful day she watched her son, who has autism, play basketball for the first time through Special Olympics. The pride she had for him was simply unmatched.

Whitney had her son and raised him alone for the first 10 months while her husband was deployed to Kuwait. Hearing about the moment her husband met her son for the very first time still brings me to tears.

Thanks, Madison, for your warm welcome, your inspiring locals and of course your amazing cheese that I devoured in abundance!

PS. Here are some cheese curds!

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