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Toss in the Other One and Laugh




A perfect day spent right on the edge of Lake Michigan in Chicago..overlooking the beautiful water and sailing boats with my journal on my lap.

And suddenly… “PLOP!”

One sandal fell off and sunk straight to the bottom of the water. I literally started giggling out of sheer shock at what had happened.

Strangers around me started panicking.

“Oh you poor girl!”

“I wish I could help you!”

“Are you ok!?”

In an attempt to NOT cause a scene, because I honestly didn’t really care about the shoe, I laughed and said, “Its really not a big deal. What am I supposed to do with just one sandal?” ...and tossed the other one in.

In that moment I was reminded of the power of laughter. I was reminded that laughing at myself in silly moments is ALWAYS a good option. I was reminded that detachment is beautiful and that things are just things.

So now what?

Well I didn’t really want to walk barefoot through the city…so I rented a bike.

Exploring Chicago on bike was simply glorious. I was barefoot with a dead phone and not a care in the world. Soaking up the sunshine, cruising in between the tall buildings and along the waterfront. It was a perfect day of silliness, laughter and barefoot adventures.

Once again this tour has taught me the beauty of being detached from things. When you live out of a bag for 3 months you are constantly reminded that things are really just things. It is honestly freeing to not waste time picking out an outfit simply because I only have so many shirts to choose from.

I love the simplicity. I love the laughter. I love the joy in rolling with the punches.

So next time my only two options are to laugh or cry, I know I’ll choose to toss in the other shoe and laugh.


PS. This is the church I went to! Isn't it stunning!?!



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