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The Syracuse that Rocked My World - Part 1

Today I was welcomed into a new world.

It’s a world of beauty, talent and skilled communication.

It’s a world similar to ours yet wildly different.

It’s a silent world and it’s the deaf world.

Three women approached the tent today. Two were deaf and one was their translator. Christine, Cecelia and Lindsay taught me so much. I listened closely to Christine, the translator, as Lindsay and Cecelia explained the challenges of growing up in the “deaf world.” I was taken back by their flawless ability to communicate with one another without even speaking.

As their hands gracefully flew through the air, I stood in awe. Sign language is simply fascinating. I so badly wanted to join in and tried to communicate how amazed I was.

Once again having ears that can hear is something that I so rarely think of and so rarely am grateful for. Today, I am especially grateful for the chirping birds, salsa music that makes me want to dance and the sweet voices of my mom and dad.


I was introduced into another world.

It’s a world of hardships and heartache.

It’s a world of challenges, new beginnings and various cultures.

It’s a world that left me in tears and it’s the world of James, a Sudanese Refugee.

He started running from the fighting in his village at age 6. He lost contact with majority of his family. He lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for 7 years. He finally made it to America and now works two jobs so he can send money back home to support the little family he still has contact with.

James has a smile that is stunning and he is the furthest thing from a complainer.

“I have everything I need. I have a home, a car and a job. The Lord is VERY good.”

Cue the tears. James, thank you for shaking me from my selfish nature and for coating my heart in perspective and gratitude.

I will never forget your smile and the mark it left on my heart.

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