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A Lesson and a Confession

You can see it in someone’s eyes when they are distracted. It’s that look of “I’m listening, but I’m also thinking about cooking dinner tonight, the errands I need to run, and my to do list for the next 3 days.”

Well, I’ve got a confession.

I’ve been that person. I’ve been the girl who is listening but sometimes only kind of… I can juggle a million and one thoughts in my head while simultaneously updating my instagram account, planning my future career and buying plane tickets to South America…seriously.

I am a busy girl living in a busy world, and quite frankly, I’m over it.

I refuse to be known as “busy.” I refuse to be known as a woman who “doesn’t have time” or “shouldn’t be bothered” or “has too much on her plate.” Our culture praises busyness, but honestly, I’m disgusted by it.

These strong feeling have come from a very important lesson I’ve learned being on tour.

The lesson of listening.

Every day, I meet perfect strangers. People I’ve never met before and people I will probably never meet again. Time and time again I strive to give them my FULL attention. Why? Because one’s full attention is powerful.

I’ve met people who approach our film studio filled with nerves and my full attention has the power to instantly calm them. I’ve met people who seem discouraged and my full attention is a small reminder that someone believes in them. I’ve met entrepreneurs and my full attention can be the boost of encouragement needed for a new business venture.

I’ve met people with the biggest and smallest aha moments and I get to remind them that they are worthy of celebration.

In a distracted world, full attention is seen in people few and far between.

I’m not perfect, I’m still working and I’ve got to practice every day, but I pray that I can be a woman who is generous in offering the gift of her full attention.


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