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Lovers or Fighters?

They say Virginia is for lovers, but I think it’s actually for fighters.

The fighting spirit here in Lynchburg is ambitious, determined and driven. One after another people have come to share their stories of overcoming the lowest of the lows and seeing joy in the toughest situations. These people are impressive.

I met Stephen, who has cerebral palsy. As he struggled to get out each word, he managed to say, “Never give up. Always keep trying.” I was completely covered in goose bumps witnessing his perseverance and courage.

At age 26, Bubba weighed 578 lbs and realized that if nothing changed he may not make it to his 30th birthday. He committed to intense exercise, healthy eating and determination. In 2 years he lost 294 lbs and is now training for a marathon.

Donna fearlessly cares for her husband who has early Alzheimer’s disease. She said, “American culture is all about winning. But there’s a point when you realize that winning is not what happens at the end. The winning happens along the way. Every day spent with my husband, we are winning.”

Lynchburg is filled with champions. Young and old, I have met the most courageous people fighting for the good, right and beautiful in their lives. I've seen immense sacrifice for the sake of others and the fearless pursuit of dreams.

Lynchburg, you inspire. Thank you.

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