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Sleeping Under the Stars

This weekend was spent in the great outdoors. After driving through the beautifully winding roads and far enough into the mountains to loose cell reception, we made it to Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina.

We pitched tents, hung hammocks, put on sweats and got cozy near the fire. That night was spent telling stories and eating delicious gumbo after it was warmed over the fire.

There’s something magical about loosing cell service. It’s the perfect time to escape all the distractions of the world and focus simply on each other.

I learned that 2-year-old Jess fractured her elbow after falling off her mom’s makeup counter with makeup smeared across her face. Little Gary remembers riding around on his pet German Shepard and falling asleep on the floor snuggled up to her. 3-year-old Nathan fell off a 4-wheeler while cruising around with his dad and sister. We sat around telling childhood stories and smiling through the evening.

Throughout the Bible, God calls people to the mountains to speak to them. I’ve always encountered God in a deep way when being secluded in the mountains. There’s something about nature that reflects his glory so profoundly that it makes me stop in my tracks, take a deep breath, look around and stand in awe.

This weekend I was surrounded by stunning views. I fell asleep under the stars and woke up to the sunshine, and for that, I am grateful.

Thank you Lord for proclaiming your goodness, majesty and overwhelming glory through the beautiful creations surrounding me. The fact that you have a deep and personal love for me and my heart is simply unreal. Your love continues to blow me away.

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