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A Sweet Southern City

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Spanish moss, gorgeous fountains, delicious restaurants and a casual stroll down River Street was all I needed to be hooked on Savannah. This town is simply stunning. It’s warm, southern charm welcomed our crew in as we had the opportunity to record stories from some of the sweetest Savannah locals.

Savannah is sweet in more ways than one. We met Adam, a local chocolatier, who shared both his chocolate treats and his story of finding artistry through pastries with us. He is also a young entrepreneur, opening his own business at age 21. Go Adam Go!

Bobby chose to open a business after retirement and became a beekeeper on his family honey farm. We enjoyed every moment licking spoonfuls of his sweet honey. Check out our video, here. Yes, I toured a honey farm. No, I didn’t get stung. #Proud

There’s something charming about this city. Whether it’s the drooping trees or its riverside view, Savannah has been another sweet stop on this adventure. Thanks for welcoming us so kindly, Savannah. I’m sure we will be back soon!




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