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The Couple in a Trench Coat

And then a couple huddled together covering themselves with a trench coat and hidden under an umbrella wandered over to the Aha Airstream and in a creaky/sketchy voice asked:

“Is this where the aha tour is?”

As I turned around, I was prepared to sweetly smile and kindly direct them…although honestly, I was a little creeped out.

Suddenly, the trench coat was tossed off and umbrella lifted to reveal my very two favorite parents standing there with a dozen roses of all different colors! I was in shock, ran into their arms and jumped for joy out of sheer excitement…literally.

The rest of the day was spent giggling with my parents and giving them a taste of a typical day on tour.

They each shared their “aha moments” which both brought me to tears and reminded me once again how blessed I am to be their daughter. Once their moments are edited, I will absolutely be posting them here! Yippieee!

Mom and Dad, thanks for your love. Thanks for driving from Atlanta to Chattanooga to show up and completely surprise me. Thanks for being silly, creative and sneaky in the many ways you shower me with love. Thanks for being my cheerleaders through the ups and downs and for being a beautiful example of Jesus’s love. I dream of having a marriage like yours with a heart that loves fiercely, fearlessly and humbly. I love you more than words can express.



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