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Last weekend was spent touring through Nashville with dear friends and wow, did we have a good time! It began at a brewery, followed by a delicious dinner and then the highlight of my weekend came as we walked into “The Big Bang.”

Needless to say we stayed at this dueling piano bar for hours as musicians performed a variety of songs from Ariana Grande to the Rolling Stones. I stood in awe as they laughed, joked and spattered the keys with their fingers making the most beautiful music. They lite up the entire room with their talent.

Two pianos, one guitar and one drum set…we were entertained all night long.

I have always loved live music, but Nashville reminded me just how much. As I stood in that bar in awe of the incredible talent of complete strangers, I realized that music has the power to lift the soul, bring out laughter among friends, stir a variety of emotions and bring memories back to life.

That night I was reminded that every person on this earth has been given special, unique and irreplaceable talents. We really can be gifts to one another if only we continue to share our talents and spend our time building, encouraging and celebrating one another.

Let the live music and line dancing continue!

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Instagram - What a perfect weekend :)

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