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There's something about food...

There’s something about good food. It brings people together. It makes people smile. It warms your belly. It gives energy and life for the day’s activities.

There’s something about food that unites. It adds flavor and excitement to cultures. It brings people together and brings smiles to faces.

As we pulled into Phoenix, I had NO idea it was going to have such a foodie culture. Day One we were up early for a live spot on Good Morning Arizona, which by the way was so cool! And then we made it to the Heard Museum for set up in their parking lot.

First person of the day: Sandra Dees walked up to the trailer, jolly as ever. She was a kind woman, jean shorts, t-shirt and braids. She began to share her story.

She went to culinary school then received her masters in business development. The week she graduated with her masters, she was laid off from her job because of she was over qualified. Oh, she was also a military veteran. This woman clearly had it going on! Yet, no one would hire her because she was “too qualified.”

After months of searching for a job she decided to buy a food truck and found Sandra Dee’s Creole Kitchen. Her delicious creole kitchen has completely taken off in the toasty deserts of Phoenix. Day two of filming, lunchtime arrives and here comes Sandra Dees, walking up to the trailer carrying lunch for the crew. Not only is she a smart, qualified entrepreneur but a big-hearted woman, looking to serve. What a killer combo!

And then there was Greg Golden, accountant for years, quit his job to make mustache pretzels. You think I’m kidding? Dead serious. He hated his job and chose to open a food truck making pretzels shaped like mustaches.

“Great mustaches aren’t born. They’re BREAD.” – Clever, right? Local business owners continued to come, telling us their stories of founding businesses, the trials they faced, the things they overcame and the passion behind the food that they make. These people are inspired. They are excited. They are passionate and they love what they do. They weren’t afraid of the challenge. They weren’t scared to take a chance, risk it all and jump right in with both feet.

The people of Phoenix taught me to be not afraid to chase wild dreams. Be not afraid to start my own business, enjoy delicious food or dive into a rich culture. Do the things I want to do NOW.

I’m not too young or too naïve or too ambitious.

Phoenix, thanks for teaching me that I’m capable of my wildest dreams and for inspiring me to chase them. Oh and welcoming me into your foodie culture and letting me dine with the yummiest of food trucks and most ambitious entrepreneurs.

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