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Energetic, Passionate, Inspirational


I am a bright-eyed, passionate optimist who has previously been likened to a mix of Mother Teresa and Shakira. My large Colombian family has taught me how to simply love life, do everything with passion and continue dancing whether it rains or shines. From serving the richest of the rich in Greenwich, Connecticut during my gap year to feeding and caring for the poorest of the poor in the slums of Kolkata, India, I learned that it’s the heart that really matters and that every person has a dignity that demands respect. My experiences at The University of Georgia have continued to shape my life. Being an Orientation Leader during an adrenaline pumping, wildly chaotic, trouble-shooting summer taught me to excel under pressure, think on my feet and adapt and accommodate to every kind of personality. As Director of Events for one of the largest organizations on campus, UGA HEROs, I learned the importance of a solid work ethic and gained the perseverance to fight to the end.


I am a summa cum laude graduate who brings a joy that is contagious, a fearless explorer attitude, and a heart that can encourage, support, and motivate.

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